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      Thatcher Occasional Chair

      Beautiful and graceful from any angle, our Thatcher Chair is full of special touches. Crafted in our signature Praline finished teak with hand-wrapped rattan banding, we added brass corners for warmth and elegance. Whether paired as occasional chairs, or used alone smaller spaces, this is a chair you’ll love anywhere. In stock in our versatile and cozy Beach Crypton fabric, this chair is also available in any of our Brownstone Textiles fabrics or your own fabric selection for an additional charge.

      Thatcher Occasional Chair
      SKU: TC900

      • 28" wide
      • 31" deep
      • 33" height

      Solid teak
      Brass accents
      Rattan wrapped banding

      Textured, Crypton performance fabric in Beach color


      Made In:

      Disclaimer: Brass has a lacquer top coat.

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