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      Parker Twin Bunk Bed

      Harkening back to our nostalgic roots, the Parker Bunk Bed is suitable for everyday use and guests alike. Brownstone’s version of the classic bunk bed combines subtle textures, brass hardware and generous storage – it’s chic, it’s simple and it’s sturdy construction is built to last. A total of six drawers are operable on both sides of the bunk bed. Please note that the ladder is in a fixed position on the left side of the upper footboard and cannot be moved to another location.

      Parker Twin Bunk Bed
      SKU: PK120

      • 43" wide
      • 82" deep
      • 75" height

      Teak and teak veneer
      Brushed brass accents - inset handle and capped feet

      Mesa (smooth)

      Made In:

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