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      Gerard Occasional Chair

      The Gerard Chair uses one of our favorite natural materials, shaped into a graceful but substantial chair that’s ideal for any room. It’s handcrafted lines are a subtle nod to our love for modern coastal designs, and it has a timeless quality and warmth we love. A subtly toned teak wood frame, woven in seagrass, lends strength to the curvy seat – every element was designed to cradle and inspire.

      Gerard Occasional Chair
      SKU: GR900

      • 28" wide
      • 31" deep
      • 35" height

      Solid Teak

      Kidney pillow upholsterey textured, Crypton fabric in Beach color


      Made In:

      Please note that when our handwoven seagrass is harvested, it is a living plant. We allow our seagrass to dry and cure for consistency, and some new products may have a slight olive-green undertone. As the seagrass oxidizes, it will settle into a beautiful, natural tone.

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