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      Fenton Coffee Table

      The Fenton Collection is a natural beauty with updated touches. Our versatile Fog finish pairs perfectly with a lightly patinated zinc top – the result is chic and simple. These are great tables for bringing texture and warmth, with tonal nuances for added depth.

      Fenton Coffee Table
      SKU: FN502

      • 46" diameter
      • 18" height

      Solid teak
      Zinc top


      Made In:

      Disclaimer: Zinc is a reactive metal that will continue to change during it’s lifetime. Oils, acids, and even standing water will change the surface. Over time, the spots, scratches and other patina marks will blend together so that each top is a unique and beautiful piece. As zinc is a living surface, it is important to remember that it can be clean and still have markings on it.

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